Down Ballot Campaigns

The theme that the Trump Campaign is harping on is the economy has not fully recovered and they blame the trade deals and Obama. This is playing well with the Republican base in particular and white working men in general. What is not understandable is the Democratic response. The reason that nothing has been done to repair the situation is that we have had a “do nothing congress” for the last six years. They have passed fewer bills than any other congress in the past hundred years. In particular, they have not passed one single jobs bill nor one single infrastructure bill. They successfully fought against repealing the Bush tax cut that caused the problem and the Bush tax cut is gone only because it expired.

The main message between now and the election in “down ballot campaigns” has to be that we can’t have more of the same. We can’t have the super rich continue to pay little or no taxes and move their riches to off-shore accounts. We need to take that money from them by raising their taxes and closing tax loop holes. We need to invest it back into the economy through infrastructure and job bills. This is a message that will succeed. This is a policy that will succeed.

Now, the Republicans are harping on increase in premiums on insurance policies under the Affordable Care Act. For years, their approach is to “repeal and replace.” With what? What is the change needed? If they actually have an idea, why didn’t they put it into a bill, pass it on to Obama for his signature? If they are re-elected, it will be more of the same inaction that we have seen for the past six years. This is an easy message to get across.


I’m just one person. I can’t contact all of the Democratic offices. Please help. To make it easier, you can simply send this link: Down Ballot Campaigns.

Hurry. Time is of the essence. Let’s stop all of the talk about e-mails and make the conversation about something important.


About Brian Baxter

I attended the NY University at Stony Brook and graduated in 1968. I worked for many years in the NYS Office of Mental Health but left in the eighties. Since then, I did a variety of things including owning and operating a liquor store, work as a recruiter, a woodworker and as a salesman. Currently, I'm retired.
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