This week, I was prompted to write this blog because two cases were presented to the Supreme Court on abortion issues. This is the worst of all the Republican Big Lies: abortion is murder. It isn’t a difference of opinion, it’s a lie. Although they have absolutely convinced their base, the people behind promoting this Big Lie don’t believe it themselves. I’ll show you how I know this.

Although the Republican Party leaders descry the murder of fertilized eggs that are implanted in a womb, they ignore the fertilized eggs that are not implanted and are naturally flushed from the body. On average, it takes four instances of unprotected sex before a woman becomes impregnated. The other three times, the fertilized eggs fail to implant in the uterus and are flushed from her body. Why not save these twelve million potential babies as well? Why is that not an issue?

Let’s look closer. The right wing efforts to prevent abortion are relentless and ineffective. Case after case is appealed up through the courts in an effort to overturn Roe v Wade. These cases go nowhere, yet they continue. In 2013, the House of Representatives passed over 40 bills to ban abortion. This is a House that is almost paralyzed and getting almost nothing done. They have been the least productive legislature in the history of the country. Yet they have passed 40 bills outlawing abortion. That, they say, is because they believe that there are 1 million babies a year being killed. Not one of those bills had a snowball’s chance in hell of passing the Senate, let alone avoid being vetoed by the President. And, even if it had gone through and been signed by the President, it still could have been overturned by the Supreme Court. Why do they do this? So that the legislators can tell their constituents that they are fighting to stop the annual murder of the million potential babies that are aborted every year. They tell their base that these million potential babies are real babies and it is murder. And their base becomes inflamed. Not just by them but by the whole right wing propaganda machine- FoxNews, the right wing radio talk show hosts, the evangelicals, and all the other right wing speakers.

That’s what they say. If they actually believed it, then I have a question. There are twelve million potential babies that fail to implant. What are the Republican legislators doing to protect the twelve million fertilized eggs that fail to implant? Nothing. It is twelve times the problem and receives none of the attention. How can anyone seriously believe the Republican Legislators when they say that the million abortions every year is killing real babies when they do nothing at all for the twelve million? There is another huge difference. Should the House of Representatives pass a piece of legislation designed to help the twelve million fertilized eggs that die every year, it would have an excellent chance to pass the Senate, be signed by the president and it wouldn’t be overturned by the Supreme Court. These are the twelve million fertilized eggs that fail to implant when couples are having unprotected sex in order to have a baby. The house of Representatives could help these twelve million. For instance, they could pass a bill to fund research into why these fertilized eggs fail to implant. Scientists might find out a way to help the fertilized eggs implant. If they did, the anxious mothers and fathers, wanting to have a baby would certainly use it. It would be a win-win all the way around. No one would object.

This is precisely why the legislature doesn’t pass such legislation. The whole point of the abortion issue isn’t to “save babies” as the right wing repeats endlessly. The purpose of the relentless right wing attacks on abortion is entirely different. The purpose is to fill the hearts of their followers with anger and hatred. People consumed by anger and hatred don’t think clearly. People consumed by anger and hatred are easy to manipulate. These people, consumed by anger and hatred, vote for Republicans. It is pretty straight forward. Mitt Romney was recorded telling a group of money men who were donating money for his campaign that he had absolutely no interest in doing anything, at all, for the bottom 47% of the country. And yet, the Republicans in that category voted for him anyway. Clearly, they were convinced to vote against their own interests. Hatred is the technique that the Republican Party relies on to convince people.

At the state level, various laws against abortion have been promoted. States, though, are in an altogether different position than the federal government. Many states have a legislature controlled by Republicans as well as a Republican Governor. These states have passed a whole host of laws regarding abortion. In 41 states, legislation has been passed which actually bans most abortions, laws which will ultimately be overturned by the Supreme Court. 19 states have laws that ban partial birth abortions. 46 states have laws that allow healthcare providers to refuse to do abortions. 26 states require a waiting time before a woman can get an abortion. Texas and Virginia passed laws which require that a woman watch a vaginal ultra sound picture of the fetus before the abortion is performed. Several states have required such specific requirements for facilities giving abortions that all of the intuitions that currently do abortions will have to stop. All of these laws were passed to help the 1 million fetuses that are aborted. It’s not clear that any of these laws will keep even a single abortion from being performed. How many of these states have passed legislation to help the 12 million fertilized eggs that fail to implant each year? The answer is none. If these state legislatures actually believed that millions of babies were dying every year, they would have tried to do something. The might even have prevented millions of fertilized eggs from dying. So, although they say that a fertilized egg is a baby, they don’t believe it.

It’s even worse than that. Many of the states that have passed the most restrictive laws have infant mortality rates higher than those of third world countries. Mississippi has an infant mortality rate of 9.67, followed by Alabama at 8.71, then Tennessee at 7.93. Compare those numbers to Bosnia at 9.1 (recently war torn) Kuwait at 8.9 and Costa Rica at 8.7. Why are these states not reaching the low rates of other industrial countries like Germany at 3.9, France at 3.3 or Sweden at 2.3? The care for babies in these states is inconsistent with their interest in stopping abortions. If they actually cared, they would do something to help all the real babies that were dying in their states. In fact, they did the exact opposite. The Affordable Care Act allocated Medicare funds to them to help those too poor to get prenatal care. The states with the worst problems turned down the funds. This is proof that they care nothing about saving the lives of babies. In fact, the opposite is true. Had they done nothing, they would have received the funds. They had to take action to prevent the funds from coming. Their statement about wanting to save the lives of babies is a Big Lie.

When I say that the leaders of the right wing are lying about abortion being murder, I am not including the Tea Party officials that have been elected. The Koch brothers have unleashed a horror on the country. Through Freedom Works and other organizations, the Koch brothers have created a sub party of people who believe that abortion is murder and know nothing about the other twelve million potential babies. It’s too complicated an idea for most of them to understand.

Now I come to the final proof of the fact that the leaders of the Republican Party don’t actually believe that abortion is murder. Today’s Supreme Court is populated by 5 right wing conservatives. They’ve had the opportunity to overturn Roe v Wade. Yet they didn’t. If they actually believed that a million babies a year were being murdered, they’d do something. Wouldn’t you? Suppose you believed that a million babies were being murdered every year, wouldn’t you at least try to help them? Could you possibly sit there and say that a woman’s right to privacy was more important than the life of a baby? So, like the legislators, the right wingers on the Supreme Court do nothing to save the lives of fertilized eggs which they claim are babies.

And one last thing the Supreme Court shows us. They refused to hear the Arizona case where a lower court found the ban on ‘partial birth’ abortions unconstitutional. That was their chance. They had the votes and they didn’t agree to hear the case. So much for the idea that they believe that a million babies a year are being murdered. On the other hand, they did agree to hear the Massachusetts case appealing a ruling requiring abortion protestors to remain thirty-five feet away from people entering clinics providing abortions. Why? It’s too early to say which way they will rule, but I’m betting they will overturn the law. The law was enacted because protestors would go to Planned Parenthood facilities and try to prevent them from getting inside, screaming at them, and physically harassing them with everything from spitting on them up to and including killing them. These protestor clearly believe that abortion is murder. What they don’t know is that less than three percent of the women entering Planned Parenthood are going for abortions.

Why would the Supreme Court overturn the Massachusetts law? Talk about generating hate. Just let protestors surround those going into a Planned Parenthood facility, people convinced that all of them are going to get abortions. Let them scream, throw things, kill some of them. Could there be a better way to generate hate? That’s what this is all about.

Now let’s take a look at what would happen if the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Let’s say that the Supreme Court decides that a fertilized egg is a human being and orders equal protection for them under the law. Alternatively, imagine that the right wing succeeds in getting an amendment to the constitution granting fertilized eggs personhood, like the amendment voted on in Mississippi. This is the position the right wing takes over and over. It would make all birth control pills and IUD’s totally illegal. The use of those measures prevents fertilized eggs from implanting thus killing them. In fact, if the fertilized egg is granted personhood, the use of such a device would be considered murder. There would be a rash of cases going to court in which some young women found using birth control pills would be dragged into court, charged with murder, found guilty, sentenced to death and executed. Imagine how the general public (excepting right wing nut jobs) would feel. Imagine how you would feel. Look at it this way. Perhaps, at some time, you or your wife used birth control pills. If it was your wife, then the two of you were in cahoots. Let’s say the two of you were involved in using birth control pills for ten years, having sex once a week. That’s fifty fertilized eggs that failed to implant a year or five hundred over the ten year period. Of course, three quarters of them wouldn’t have implanted anyway but that still leaves 125 that didn’t implant because of the birth control measure that you used. Now, do you really feel that you murdered 125 babies? That’s the argument that is being fed to the right wing base. Think about it. Do you really want that point of view to win out? Do you really want to live with the guilt? Finally, think about this: there’s no statute of limitations on murder and ignorance of the law is no excuse. Think about it again.

This is why the leadership of the right wing base doesn’t want Roe v. Wade overturned. This is how you know that the leadership doesn’t believe the crap about a fertilized egg being a human being. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case appealing a lower court ruling that found the Arizona ban on ‘partial birth’ abortions unconstitutional. ‘Partial birth abortion’ is a term used by the right wing to describe abortions after the twentieth week. It is the abortion that absolutely infuriates the right wing and the court won’t even take the case. If they did but didn’t overturn the lower court ruling, the cat would be out of the bag. The base would know that the leadership doesn’t believe that abortion is murder. Refusing to accept the case gives them some plausible deniability.

The right wing leadership has a good thing going with this particular Big Lie but there’s a problem. As I said, the Koch brothers unleashed a monster with the Tea Party. Most of the leaders of the Tea Party have no ability to understand complex issues. The Tea Party leaders are out firing up their base and more and more people are starting to believe that abortion is murder. More and more people are starting to believe that a fertilized egg is a human being with all the rights of a human being. If the percentage gets high enough, then the Tea Party will succeed in getting the personhood amendments through, by hook or by crook. You don’t want to live in that world. It’s pretty easy to stop them. Send a link to this blog to the people that you know. A percentage of Republicans will see the point. More importantly, Democrats will be more motivated to stop these people. Too many people just don’t vote. They need to understand where all this is heading. Send them a link and ask them to send it to the people that they know. I’ll keep you posted on the abortion issue.

About Brian Baxter

I attended the NY University at Stony Brook and graduated in 1968. I worked for many years in the NYS Office of Mental Health but left in the eighties. Since then, I did a variety of things including owning and operating a liquor store, work as a recruiter, a woodworker and as a salesman. Currently, I'm retired.
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