Down Ballot Campaigns

The theme that the Trump Campaign is harping on is the economy has not fully recovered and they blame the trade deals and Obama. This is playing well with the Republican base in particular and white working men in general. What is not understandable is the Democratic response. The reason that nothing has been done to repair the situation is that we have had a “do nothing congress” for the last six years. They have passed fewer bills than any other congress in the past hundred years. In particular, they have not passed one single jobs bill nor one single infrastructure bill. They successfully fought against repealing the Bush tax cut that caused the problem and the Bush tax cut is gone only because it expired.

The main message between now and the election in “down ballot campaigns” has to be that we can’t have more of the same. We can’t have the super rich continue to pay little or no taxes and move their riches to off-shore accounts. We need to take that money from them by raising their taxes and closing tax loop holes. We need to invest it back into the economy through infrastructure and job bills. This is a message that will succeed. This is a policy that will succeed.

Now, the Republicans are harping on increase in premiums on insurance policies under the Affordable Care Act. For years, their approach is to “repeal and replace.” With what? What is the change needed? If they actually have an idea, why didn’t they put it into a bill, pass it on to Obama for his signature? If they are re-elected, it will be more of the same inaction that we have seen for the past six years. This is an easy message to get across.


I’m just one person. I can’t contact all of the Democratic offices. Please help. To make it easier, you can simply send this link: Down Ballot Campaigns.

Hurry. Time is of the essence. Let’s stop all of the talk about e-mails and make the conversation about something important.


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Bathroom Bill

On March 23, 2016, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed into law The Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, the so-called “Bathroom Bill.” The bill describes itself thusly:


Click on Link to read the bill.
The meat of the bill is in the second section:

(1) Biological sex. – The physical condition of being male or female, which is stated on a person’s birth certificate.

It then goes on to say:

(b) Single-Sex Multiple Occupancy Bathroom and Changing Facilities. Public agencies shall require every multiple occupancy bathroom or facility to be for and only used by persons based on their biological sex.

The point being that a transgender individual can’t use a bathroom based on his or her current sex but only based on what gender is on his or her birth certificate.
Similar bills were introduced in Arizona, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin but failed to pass. In short, the purpose of the bill is to require that people use only that bathroom consistent with the sex indicated on their birth certificate.

In May the Christian Science Monitor discussed why such bills are important in certain circles:

Concern that allowing transgender women to use women’s restrooms will make it easier for male sexual predators to commit crimes in bathrooms and locker rooms has been frequently raised. At this time, it appears to be mostly hypothetical, at least in the United States.

The Charlotte Observer, among others, launched an investigation into such claims. It didn’t find a single confirmed case in the US:

We haven’t found any instances of criminals convicted of using transgender protections as cover in the United States. Neither have any left-wing groups or right-wing groups. There was one incident in Canada, involving a rapist. In the US, there have been a few yet-unproven allegations.

The New York Times put out an article this spring explaining the real reason behind the bills:

The Republicans are having a grand old time carrying on about Democrats (and now Donald Trump) who are bent — as Ted Cruz so cleverly framed it — on “putting little girls alone in a bathroom with adult men.” Mr. Cruz is now running a particularly creepy ad harping on this idea.

There is nothing in any anti-discrimination bill that would encourage the hordes of heterosexual perverts that so concern Mr. Beck and Mr. Cruz to storm women’s restrooms and assault innocent people. And there is nothing in the recent spate of “bathroom bills” that is going to prevent that from happening.

But that’s not really what the bills’ supporters want. Their real goal is to scare people, to divide Americans, and to make us believe that some of us are better and more righteous than others.

These statements from the New York Times are far more accurate than anything that is said by the right wing but it doesn’t go quite far enough. The reason the right wing is always harping on issues like this, issues like gay right and abortion and… on and on… is that it is through these issues that they are able to generate hate. Hate is really the only thing that the Republican leadership has to offer their base.

On May 9th,, a leading radio business news program from NPR, quoted Aaron Nelson, president and CEO of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce:

“It’s at hundreds of jobs,” he said, speaking of jobs lost due to the law, “and its economic impact in terms of millions of dollars in lost conference revenue, and we are nearing the hundreds of millions of dollars of lost community investment impact, and that’s just what we know.”

Marketplace also pointed out what the federal government is planning:

“The federal government is also threatening to pull funds from several sectors like education, transportation and housing. A recent report from UCLA’s Williams Institute estimated such cuts could cost the state more than $4.5 billion.”

This huge amount of lost revenue is just the first step in understanding the stupidity of the so-called bathroom bill. It will have a huge negative impact on the people of North Carolina but it is offset by the increase in hatred and bigotry of the right wing base.

Clearly, a central component of the bill is the concept of forcing women (albeit transgender women) to use the men’s bathroom. The idea is that it will be totally humiliating and embarrassing which, in the minds of the right wing, is exactly what they deserve. God made them men and that’s what they should be. If transgender women were, in fact, to start using men’s bathrooms, it would, indeed, be humiliating. It is unlikely that they will do so.

There’s another group of people, however, that gets very little attention but is just as impacted by the law: transgender men. They are required to use the women’s restroom because these men have an “F” on their birth certificate. These are people that look like men, act like men, and think like men. To see what some of them look like, click on the link: Transgender men. Forcing these men to use the women’s restroom is an entirely different kettle of fish. Men like looking at women in all their various states of undress and activities. In fact, voyeurism is very common among men. Here’s a statement from Wikipedia:

Voyeurism has high prevalence rates in most studied populations. Voyeurism was initially believed to only be present in a small portion of the population. This perception changed when Alfred Kinsey discovered that 30% of men prefer coitus with the lights on. This behavior is not considered voyeurism by today’s diagnostic standards, but there was little differentiation between normal and pathological behavior at the time. Subsequent research showed that 65% of men had engaged in peeping, which suggests that this behavior is widely spread throughout the population.

Voyeurism is much less prevalent among women. Here’s what Psychology Today had to say about it:

It’s no surprise that men are more voyeuristic than women. Voyeurs are called peeping Toms, not peeping Teresas. The audience for pornography is clearly men, and according to porn industry estimates, 80 percent of pornography is viewed by men solo. In the study, the single best predictor of voyeurism was frequent use of porn.

In short, transgender women are far less likely to go into a women’s bathroom for the purpose of “peeping” at the women inside than are men. Consequently, the law should have exactly the opposite effect than the stated intention. This point is rarely discussed.

One person who did raise this issue was US District Court Judge Thomas D. Schroeder. He is the judge who will be ruling on the so-called bathroom bill. BuzzFeed discusses his response:

US District Court Judge Thomas D. Schroeder also seemed flummoxed at one point by how the law could function in practical terms — it requires people to use single-sex restrooms associated with the sex on their birth certificate, thereby making transgender people enter facilities that conflict with their identity and appearance.
“We would have people dressed like males, who consider themselves male, walking into the ladies room,” he told a lawyer representing Gov. Pat McCrory.
“How on earth is that supposed to work?” he asked.

Now, let’s look at the numbers. An article in the New York Times discussed a number of attempts to estimate the total numbers of such people in the country:

Another paper, published in 2011 by the Williams Institute, used survey data to attempt to count the transgender population. It estimated that 0.3 percent of the population, or 700,000 adults, identified that way.

If the percentage is correct, the number of transgender in North Carolina would be total population (about 10 million) times 0.3% or 30,000. That would mean there are about 15,000 transgender men who are, under the bathroom bill, required to use the women’s bathrooms. I believe that this gives us a wedge to drive between the Republican politicians in North Carolina and the voters. These politicians are doing nothing for the people of North Carolina except feeding them a constant stream of hatred. While there is virtually no evidence that transgenders- of either sex- are following the dictates of the “Bathroom Bill,” perhaps we can give it a nudge. Let’s hang a poster outside of women’s bathrooms all over North Carolina. Make no mistake, the purpose of this notice isn’t to encourage men to use the women’s bathrooms. The purpose is to let women know what this horrible bill is all about in the most graphic way possible. Maybe this will help voters of North Carolina see the bigger picture and vote the Republicans out of office in November. Here it is:


Women:Under “Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act”, transgender men are required to use the women’s restroom. These people look, act and talk like men but they have an “F” on their birth certificate under “gender.” So, if you see someone in the bathroom that you think is a man, don’t scream or call the police. They are required under the law to be there.

Men: Many of you have wanted to enter a woman’s restroom and watch the women in there going about their business. This is your opportunity. Go ahead. They are not going to check your birth certificate. The law may be shortly overturned so take advantage of your opportunity while it lasts.

Voters: Besides being an enormous embarrassment, the Bathroom Bill is going to cost the people of North Carolina billions of dollars. In addition, this bill is going to result in men in women’s bathrooms all over the state. Vote the Republican politicians out of office in November.


(For more information, go to

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It’s been hot. Damn hot. It seems that every day the weather report tells me that the heat index is over a hundred degrees. I believe them. Bloomberg News ran a great article showing that the first four months of this year are record breaking:

“This has been the hottest start to a year by far, according to data released today by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The record heat is likely to continue as an already strong El Niño weather pattern in the Pacific Ocean continues to intensify, ripping more heat into the atmosphere.”

It’s a wonderful article because it shows an animated graph of temperature change going back to 1880. Watching the change over time eliminates any lingering doubt about global warming. Click on the link.

The trend continued through July. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported: “July 2015 was warmest month ever recorded for the globe.” And it wasn’t just atmospheric. They also reported: “Global oceans record warm for July; January-July 2015 also record warm.”

By the end of the year, The Washington Post wrote:

It’s official: 2015 ‘smashed’ 2014’s global temperature record. It wasn’t even close

Efforts to control global warming have also been in the news. Back in November, President Obama announced an agreement with China to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

On May 20, 2015, President Obama made a speech at the US Coast Guard Academy in which he said:

“Climate change will impact every country on the planet. No nation is immune,” the President told the 218 graduating cadets. “Climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security, and, make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country. And so we need to act — and we need to act now.”

On August 03, 2015, President Obama made a speech in which he announced new regulations designed to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. See the entire article at Salon entitled “We only get one planet.”

It isn’t Just President Obama. Recently, Hillary Clinton also made a speech about controlling carbon dioxide levels through greater consumer reliance upon solar power. Here’s how The National Journal described her July 14, 2015 speech:

“Clinton’s plan calls for more than half a billion solar panels installed across the country by the end of her first term, and having the U.S. generate enough renewable energy to power every home within a decade of the start of a Clinton presidency. Achieving the goals would mean expanding the amount of installed solar-energy generating capacity by 700 percent from current levels by the end of 2020, and adding more green-power generation capacity to the electric grid than any other decade in U.S. history, according to a summary of the plan.”

Both President Obama’s approach and Hillary Clinton’s plan seem to be based on the idea that as more carbon dioxide is pumped into the air from the burning of fossil fuels, the warmer it gets. It leaves out a critical factor. The increase in global temperatures that we are seeing now doesn’t reflect the total effect that the carbon dioxide level will eventually have. It takes time.

The National Academy of Sciences Division on Earth and Life Studies describes the process:

“Because carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is long lived, it can effectively lock the Earth and future generations into a range of impacts, some of which could become very severe.”

“Because of time-lags inherent in the Earth’s climate, the observed climate changes as greenhouse gas emissions increase reflect only about half of the eventual total warming that would occur for stabilization at the same concentrations.”

In short, the temperature changes we are seeing now aren’t from the current levels of carbon dioxide. It’s like wrapping yourself in a blanket when you are cold. It takes time for the blanket to warm you up. The temperature today is warmer because of the carbon dioxide that was in the atmosphere twenty years ago. Since that time, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has more than doubled. The increases in temperature over the next twenty years will be faster and much worse even if no more carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. Of course, we will continue to dump large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Clearly, a stronger response is needed and this point will become increasingly apparent in a few more years.

The burning of fossil fuels is a problem that truly needs to be addressed. But there is another problem that needs to be addressed Right Now. Currently, the permafrost in the Arctic Circle is melting. The impact of this melting is huge. Here is how I described it in a previous blog:

Athropolis indicates that the size of the world’s permafrost is 9 million square miles. This is really huge. Wikipedia indicates that the area of the contiguous United States is under 3 million square mile, it indicates that China is slightly larger at 3.6 million square miles and it indicates that India is 1.2 million square miles. So the permafrost covers an area larger that the USA, China and India combined.”

The amount of carbon, in the form of tree roots and branches, frozen in the permafrost is estimated to be four times the amount of carbon that has been burned by people. Because the permafrost is melting, it is currently rotting away and leaking carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Worse, since it is underground and the bacteria consuming it have limited oxygen, much of it is being converted into methane. Methane is often cited as having 20 times the ability of carbon dioxide to retain heat in the atmosphere. The reason for that number is that methane is converted to carbon dioxide by ultraviolet light. The “20 times” figure is the power of methane to retain heat over a hundred year period and much of that time is when it has been converted into carbon dioxide. When it is first released into the atmosphere, (meaning now) it has 70 times the power of carbon dioxide. Further, there are also huge quantities of frozen methane at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. How much methane is going to be released is not known. Here are a few articles about the problem:

NatureA sleeping giant? As the planet warms, vast stores of methane — a potent greenhouse gas — could be released from frozen deposits on land and under the ocean. Amanda Leigh Mascarelli reports on the race to understand a ticking time bomb.

New York TimesAs Permafrost Thaws, Scientists Study the Risks FAIRBANKS, Alaska — A bubble rose through a hole in the surface of a frozen lake. It popped, followed by another, and another, as if a pot were somehow boiling in the icy depths. Every bursting bubble sent up a puff of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas generated beneath the lake from the decay of plant debris. These plants last saw the light of day 30,000 years ago and have been locked in a deep freeze — until now.

The GuardianSeven facts you need to know about the Arctic methane timebomb

Weather UndergroundPermafrost in a Warming World

Think ProgressWhy This New Study on Arctic Permafrost Is So Scary

PRIThawing permafrost could have catastrophic consequences, scientists warn

Weather Underground: Permafrost In a Warming World

PHYS.ORG Is a sleeping climate giant stirring in the Arctic?

CNN: The climate is ruined. So can civilization even survive?

International Cryosphere Climate Imitative: The earth’s cryosphere – regions of snow and ice – is approaching thresholds that may tip the balance between successfully addressing climate change; or slipping into a cascade of catastrophic and near-irreversible global impacts that begin with the cryosphere.

Another indicator of exactly how bad the situation is getting is what happened on this Christmas. It was described in many media outlets. Here is how
The Washington Post described it:
“Freak storm pushes North Pole 50 degrees above normal
to melting point”

For a few days, at least, the permafrost may have been melting in the middle of the Arctic winter, when the temperature was fifty degrees above average.

Let’s sum up. Over the next twenty years, the earth will be warming from the point that we are now, a higher temperature than twenty years ago. The global warming we experienced in the past decade was from half the amount of carbon dioxide that is currently in the atmosphere. Over the next twenty years, the increase will be double and the amount of carbon dioxide will double again. That will bring us to 2035.

Over the next twenty years, we will also have the carbon dioxide released in the Arctic Circle. It is estimated that the amount buried there is four times greater than the amount that is currently in the atmosphere. No one knows how much will be released as carbon dioxide and how much will be released as methane. Let’s be conservative and say ¼ of the carbon will be in the form of methane and ¾ will be in the form of carbon dioxide. That amount of carbon dioxide is three times the current amount in the atmosphere. Let’s add it up. Call our current level one. Adding the carbon dioxide that will be added by burning fossil fuels over the next decade will make it two. Adding the carbon dioxide from the Arctic Circle makes it 5 times the current level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The methane will have seventy times the global warming power as carbon dioxide. That brings us to the conclusion that the decade from 2035 to 2055 will have seventy five times the warming influence than what was experienced in the past twenty years. This will not only wipe out the human race but destroy 95% of all the species on earth.

Further, this warming power will begin to effect us very soon, well before 2035. I am simply calculating the result from all of it being released and all of it reaching its maximum heat retaining power.

Clearly, something must be done right now. It can’t wait. Incredibly, there is something that can be done, something that, in the arena of global warming is incredibly cheap, non-controversial and will begin to take effect immediately. Equally incredible, I am the only one talking about actually doing it.

The closest idea in the literature comes from David Keith. It is described in Technology Review:

“A Cheap and Easy Plan to Stop Global Warming”

Here is the plan. Customize several Gulfstream business jets with military engines and with equipment to produce and disperse fine droplets of sulfuric acid… The author of this so-called geoengineering scheme, David Keith, doesn’t want to implement it anytime soon, if ever. Much more research is needed to determine whether injecting sulfur into the stratosphere would have dangerous consequences such as disrupting precipitation patterns or further eating away the ozone layer that protects us from damaging ultraviolet radiation. Even thornier, in some ways, are the ethical and governance issues that surround geoengineering—questions about who should be allowed to do what and when. Still, Keith, a professor of applied physics at Harvard University and a leading expert on energy technology, has done enough analysis to suspect it could be a cheap and easy way to head off some of the worst effects of climate change.

This idea comes from recent investigations into the effect of recent volcanic eruptions. An article in Nature World News describes what happened:

         “Sulfur Dioxide from Volcanoes Keeping the Earth Cool” Volcanoes releasing sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere are the reason behind the temperature not rising as high as expected between years 2000 and 2010, according to a new study. Ryan Neely, lead author of the study, said that sulfur dioxide emissions rise up to some 12 to 20 miles into the stratospheric aerosol layer of the atmosphere. Here, the gas reacts with other compounds in the aerosol and forms sulfuric acid and water, which later fall back to earth. These water particles reflect sunlight and cool the earth. These aerosols have compensated for nearly 25 percent of greenhouse emissions, Neely said. “This new study indicates it is emissions from small to moderate volcanoes that have been slowing the warming of the planet,” said Neely, who is a researcher at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences…”

Nevertheless, even David Keith doesn’t think it’s practical and neither do I: inject huge amounts of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere? Go back to acid rain in a really big way?

The experiment that proved the efficacy of the method I am suggesting was carried out (in reverse) on 9/11. On that day, all airline flights in the US were canceled. Weather experts, at that time, determined that the temperature in the US increased by ½ a degree. The reason for the increase was that there were no contrails produced by airlines. The contrails reflect heat back into space. Upon further consideration, those looking at the problem realized that the contrails, at night, reflect heat down, thus increasing the temperature of the earth. They wondered whether the net effect warmed or cooled the earth. Further study revealed that the net effect was to increase the heat retention of the atmosphere. See Science Daily “Jet contrails affect surface temperatures.” For more detail, see the paper “Contrails, Cirrus Trends, and Climate” by Patrick Minnis. Also, Christian Science Monitor: Airplane contrails and their effect on temperatures.

Later on, further analysis determined that there were other factors that affected the reduction of the temperature on 9/11:

BBC: “Elsewhere, a team at Leeds University, working with the Met Office Hadley Centre, ran contrails through its climate models and found that you’d need about 200 times the quantity of flights over America to produce a significant effect on DTR.”

Or, more simply, 200 times the density of contrails. It shouldn’t be hard to engineer. Not if the survival of the human race hangs in the balance.

The method by which contrails are formed is fairly complex, but there are two main methods, condensation from engine exhaust and condensation from decrease in pressure at the tips of the wings. See Wikipedia “Contrails.” Both of these methods are known to be effected in a variety of ways but no one seems interested in increasing them. Likely methods would include injecting water out of wing tips and engines. They can also be controlled by altitude adjustments. Perhaps contrails can be reduced at night by ejecting dry air out of the wing tips. A simple technique can change the contrails dramatically. This method is sky writing with smoke. The typical smoke generator consists of a pressurized container holding a low viscosity oil, such as Chevron/Texaco “Canopus 13”, formerly “Corvus Oil”. The oil is injected into the hot exhaust manifold, causing it to vaporize into a huge volume of dense, white smoke. This could be used to increase the size of contrails during the day. True, it would cause pollution but the pollution is nothing like the problem of runaway global warming.

Turning this problem over to aerospace engineers will quickly result in a variety of techniques being suggested. The problem will be monitoring the effects on climate and weather and adjusting accordingly.

Back in 2006, a woman named Linda Dischler, suggested spraying silver nitrate from planes to create contrails. Nothing came from the idea. Similarly, cloud seeding has been discussed but, again, nothing has come from the idea.

What needs to be done is to increase the size of contrails during the day and decrease them at night in the most environmentally sensitive manner possible. The effects on world wide temperatures need to be monitored carefully and the process adjusted accordingly.

What should not be a problem will be reducing the temperature, particularly over the Arctic Circle. All contrails over the Arctic Circle must be eliminated. Here’s a recent article  showing why in Voice of America:

                  “Study: Night Clouds Promote Greenland Ice Melt”

The article describes how clouds and, by implication, contrails, hold in heat. Clicking on the link shows why contrails won’t reflect light from the sun back into space at the North Pole. The sun never gets above 23.5 degrees above the horizon. It would be impossible t arrange the flights of thousands of airline flights over the North Pole in such a way that the sun’s light wouldn’t go under the contrails rather than shine down on them. Consequently, the most urgent problem is to eliminate contrails on the flights over the North Pole.

Modifying contrails fall into the category of altering the earth’s albedo. A recent book, written by a number of well respected environmental organizations is called:

        CLIMATE INTERVENTION: Reflecting Sunlight to Cool Earth

Examines a variety of methods of changing how much sunlight reaches the earth’s surface vs. how much is reflected (albedo.) They conclude:

           ” Recommendation 3: Albedo modification at scales sufficient to                         alter climate should not be deployed at this time.

Albedo modification strategies for offsetting climate impacts of high
CO2 concentrations carry risks that are poorly identified in their nature
and unquantified.”

In the case of contrails, this perspective is moot. We are already doing albedo modifications sufficient to alter climate when it comes to contrails. Unfortunately, the current approach is increasing the temperature of the earth in general and helping to melt the permafrost in particular. This needs to stop. The current way contrails are spread needs to be changed.

This needs to be done RIGHT NOW. Whether or not there has been any previous discussion of the idea is not the point. What is the point is that stopping the melting of the permafrost need to be center stage.

This is where you come in. We need to get this idea out. I will be contacting everyone I know. I need you to do the same. I need you to contact one hundred people and get them to agree to contact one hundred people. Contact them through Facebook or Twiter. Call friends. Send out e-mails. Send notes to everyone on your Christmas card list. Do something. Yes, what I am suggesting is a pain in the ass but this is important. It involves the survival of life on the planet. So what if it takes a couple of hours and costs twenty bucks. Aren’t the lives of your great great grandchildren worth the investment?

Here’s the point. You may have seen the demonstration that Greenpeace put on in Seattle to protest Shell Oil’s plans to drill for oil in the arctic. It was a huge enterprise, involving people hanging off of a bridge to stop the ship. Read about it on NPR’s site. Whatever your opinion of the enterprise, (Personally? I’m against Shell Oil’s plan and agree with Greenpeace) it doesn’t compare with the extinction of 95% of all species on earth including the human race. If that was what they did to protect one small area of the Arctic Circle, what needs to be done to protect the entire earth? This is number one and people need to know it. Send a letter to a newspaper. Call in on a talk show. Tell them to go to Right Now on my blog.

Contact President Obama. He has expressed an interest in climate change .Click on the link and give him a link to this blog page.

Contact Hilary Clinton. She is also interested in doing something about climate change. Click on the link and give her a link to this blog page.

Contact your Senator or Congressman. Click on this link and click on you Senator or Congressman. Then give him a message and/or a link to this page. If he’s a Republican, you might want to contact someone else. Maybe an email isn’t enough. Maybe you want to send letters.

Try contacting environmental organizations. They all have Live Mail links but a letter will have a greater impact.  is an organization dedicated to controlling global warming. The “350” is what they believe is the highest level of CO2 (in parts per million) that should be allowed in the atmosphere and I agree. Currently, the level is over 400 ppm. Let them know that this is the single most important issue.

20 Jay St.                                                                                                                                           Suite 732                                                                                                                                    Brooklyn, NY 11201

World Nature Organization is dedicated to the protection of the environment at international level. Its main focus is on energy efficiency, climate protection, sustainable development and a sustainable energy supply. They are located in Switzerland.

ACEEE promotes energy efficiency policies, programs, technologies, investments, and behaviors.                                                                                                                                                  American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy                                                                      529 14th Street N.W.                                                                                                                      Suite 600                                                                                                                             Washington, D.C. 20045-1000


Green Peace  describes themselves as the leading independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful protest and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and to promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future. Unfortunately, you’ll have to send them a letter:

Greenpeace                                                                                                                                          702 H Street, NW                                                                                                                            Suite 300                                                                                                                                     Washington, D.C. 20001

Earth First seeks to protect the environment through radical means.

Earth First!                                                                                                                                       Journal Office                                                                                                                                          PO Box 964                                                                                                                                        Lake Worth, FL 33460

Friends of the Earth– defends the environment and champions a healthy and just world.

Friends of the Earth                                                                                                                       1101 15th Street NW                                                                                                                          11th Floor                                                                                                                                Washington, DC 20005

Bill Moyer & Company                                                                                                                                           Public Broadcasting Service                                                                                                              2100 Crystal Drive                                                                                                                          Arlington, VA 22202

The Climate Reality Project The CEO is Ken Berlin and the Founder is Al Gore

The Climate Reality Project                                                                                                      901 E St NW                                                                                                                                 Washington, DC 20004

Our Children’s Trust– This organization believes (as do I) that we have the solemn responsibility to leave to our children a world that is inhabitable. They just recently won a lawsuit to that effect and you can read about it at their website.

Our Children’s Trust                                                                                                                   P.O. Box 5181                                                                                                                                  Eugene, OR 97405


Remember, this is the single most important issue facing the human race. If it isn’t solved, we will be looking up through an atmosphere with something like 70 times the greenhouse effect as the current atmosphere. It’s a problem with a readily available solution which no group opposes. Please, if you are willing to spend just a few minutes, maybe an hour of your time, this problem can be solved. What other enormous problem are you working on that can be solved in an hour?

Postscript: It appears as though this issue will not be raised at the Paris conference on global warming. This means that the only way it will receive national attention is if you notify your friends, relatives and the people on the above list through letters and e-mails. It’s up to you.

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This week, I was prompted to write this blog because two cases were presented to the Supreme Court on abortion issues. This is the worst of all the Republican Big Lies: abortion is murder. It isn’t a difference of opinion, it’s a lie. Although they have absolutely convinced their base, the people behind promoting this Big Lie don’t believe it themselves. I’ll show you how I know this.

Although the Republican Party leaders descry the murder of fertilized eggs that are implanted in a womb, they ignore the fertilized eggs that are not implanted and are naturally flushed from the body. On average, it takes four instances of unprotected sex before a woman becomes impregnated. The other three times, the fertilized eggs fail to implant in the uterus and are flushed from her body. Why not save these twelve million potential babies as well? Why is that not an issue?

Let’s look closer. The right wing efforts to prevent abortion are relentless and ineffective. Case after case is appealed up through the courts in an effort to overturn Roe v Wade. These cases go nowhere, yet they continue. In 2013, the House of Representatives passed over 40 bills to ban abortion. This is a House that is almost paralyzed and getting almost nothing done. They have been the least productive legislature in the history of the country. Yet they have passed 40 bills outlawing abortion. That, they say, is because they believe that there are 1 million babies a year being killed. Not one of those bills had a snowball’s chance in hell of passing the Senate, let alone avoid being vetoed by the President. And, even if it had gone through and been signed by the President, it still could have been overturned by the Supreme Court. Why do they do this? So that the legislators can tell their constituents that they are fighting to stop the annual murder of the million potential babies that are aborted every year. They tell their base that these million potential babies are real babies and it is murder. And their base becomes inflamed. Not just by them but by the whole right wing propaganda machine- FoxNews, the right wing radio talk show hosts, the evangelicals, and all the other right wing speakers.

That’s what they say. If they actually believed it, then I have a question. There are twelve million potential babies that fail to implant. What are the Republican legislators doing to protect the twelve million fertilized eggs that fail to implant? Nothing. It is twelve times the problem and receives none of the attention. How can anyone seriously believe the Republican Legislators when they say that the million abortions every year is killing real babies when they do nothing at all for the twelve million? There is another huge difference. Should the House of Representatives pass a piece of legislation designed to help the twelve million fertilized eggs that die every year, it would have an excellent chance to pass the Senate, be signed by the president and it wouldn’t be overturned by the Supreme Court. These are the twelve million fertilized eggs that fail to implant when couples are having unprotected sex in order to have a baby. The house of Representatives could help these twelve million. For instance, they could pass a bill to fund research into why these fertilized eggs fail to implant. Scientists might find out a way to help the fertilized eggs implant. If they did, the anxious mothers and fathers, wanting to have a baby would certainly use it. It would be a win-win all the way around. No one would object.

This is precisely why the legislature doesn’t pass such legislation. The whole point of the abortion issue isn’t to “save babies” as the right wing repeats endlessly. The purpose of the relentless right wing attacks on abortion is entirely different. The purpose is to fill the hearts of their followers with anger and hatred. People consumed by anger and hatred don’t think clearly. People consumed by anger and hatred are easy to manipulate. These people, consumed by anger and hatred, vote for Republicans. It is pretty straight forward. Mitt Romney was recorded telling a group of money men who were donating money for his campaign that he had absolutely no interest in doing anything, at all, for the bottom 47% of the country. And yet, the Republicans in that category voted for him anyway. Clearly, they were convinced to vote against their own interests. Hatred is the technique that the Republican Party relies on to convince people.

At the state level, various laws against abortion have been promoted. States, though, are in an altogether different position than the federal government. Many states have a legislature controlled by Republicans as well as a Republican Governor. These states have passed a whole host of laws regarding abortion. In 41 states, legislation has been passed which actually bans most abortions, laws which will ultimately be overturned by the Supreme Court. 19 states have laws that ban partial birth abortions. 46 states have laws that allow healthcare providers to refuse to do abortions. 26 states require a waiting time before a woman can get an abortion. Texas and Virginia passed laws which require that a woman watch a vaginal ultra sound picture of the fetus before the abortion is performed. Several states have required such specific requirements for facilities giving abortions that all of the intuitions that currently do abortions will have to stop. All of these laws were passed to help the 1 million fetuses that are aborted. It’s not clear that any of these laws will keep even a single abortion from being performed. How many of these states have passed legislation to help the 12 million fertilized eggs that fail to implant each year? The answer is none. If these state legislatures actually believed that millions of babies were dying every year, they would have tried to do something. The might even have prevented millions of fertilized eggs from dying. So, although they say that a fertilized egg is a baby, they don’t believe it.

It’s even worse than that. Many of the states that have passed the most restrictive laws have infant mortality rates higher than those of third world countries. Mississippi has an infant mortality rate of 9.67, followed by Alabama at 8.71, then Tennessee at 7.93. Compare those numbers to Bosnia at 9.1 (recently war torn) Kuwait at 8.9 and Costa Rica at 8.7. Why are these states not reaching the low rates of other industrial countries like Germany at 3.9, France at 3.3 or Sweden at 2.3? The care for babies in these states is inconsistent with their interest in stopping abortions. If they actually cared, they would do something to help all the real babies that were dying in their states. In fact, they did the exact opposite. The Affordable Care Act allocated Medicare funds to them to help those too poor to get prenatal care. The states with the worst problems turned down the funds. This is proof that they care nothing about saving the lives of babies. In fact, the opposite is true. Had they done nothing, they would have received the funds. They had to take action to prevent the funds from coming. Their statement about wanting to save the lives of babies is a Big Lie.

When I say that the leaders of the right wing are lying about abortion being murder, I am not including the Tea Party officials that have been elected. The Koch brothers have unleashed a horror on the country. Through Freedom Works and other organizations, the Koch brothers have created a sub party of people who believe that abortion is murder and know nothing about the other twelve million potential babies. It’s too complicated an idea for most of them to understand.

Now I come to the final proof of the fact that the leaders of the Republican Party don’t actually believe that abortion is murder. Today’s Supreme Court is populated by 5 right wing conservatives. They’ve had the opportunity to overturn Roe v Wade. Yet they didn’t. If they actually believed that a million babies a year were being murdered, they’d do something. Wouldn’t you? Suppose you believed that a million babies were being murdered every year, wouldn’t you at least try to help them? Could you possibly sit there and say that a woman’s right to privacy was more important than the life of a baby? So, like the legislators, the right wingers on the Supreme Court do nothing to save the lives of fertilized eggs which they claim are babies.

And one last thing the Supreme Court shows us. They refused to hear the Arizona case where a lower court found the ban on ‘partial birth’ abortions unconstitutional. That was their chance. They had the votes and they didn’t agree to hear the case. So much for the idea that they believe that a million babies a year are being murdered. On the other hand, they did agree to hear the Massachusetts case appealing a ruling requiring abortion protestors to remain thirty-five feet away from people entering clinics providing abortions. Why? It’s too early to say which way they will rule, but I’m betting they will overturn the law. The law was enacted because protestors would go to Planned Parenthood facilities and try to prevent them from getting inside, screaming at them, and physically harassing them with everything from spitting on them up to and including killing them. These protestor clearly believe that abortion is murder. What they don’t know is that less than three percent of the women entering Planned Parenthood are going for abortions.

Why would the Supreme Court overturn the Massachusetts law? Talk about generating hate. Just let protestors surround those going into a Planned Parenthood facility, people convinced that all of them are going to get abortions. Let them scream, throw things, kill some of them. Could there be a better way to generate hate? That’s what this is all about.

Now let’s take a look at what would happen if the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Let’s say that the Supreme Court decides that a fertilized egg is a human being and orders equal protection for them under the law. Alternatively, imagine that the right wing succeeds in getting an amendment to the constitution granting fertilized eggs personhood, like the amendment voted on in Mississippi. This is the position the right wing takes over and over. It would make all birth control pills and IUD’s totally illegal. The use of those measures prevents fertilized eggs from implanting thus killing them. In fact, if the fertilized egg is granted personhood, the use of such a device would be considered murder. There would be a rash of cases going to court in which some young women found using birth control pills would be dragged into court, charged with murder, found guilty, sentenced to death and executed. Imagine how the general public (excepting right wing nut jobs) would feel. Imagine how you would feel. Look at it this way. Perhaps, at some time, you or your wife used birth control pills. If it was your wife, then the two of you were in cahoots. Let’s say the two of you were involved in using birth control pills for ten years, having sex once a week. That’s fifty fertilized eggs that failed to implant a year or five hundred over the ten year period. Of course, three quarters of them wouldn’t have implanted anyway but that still leaves 125 that didn’t implant because of the birth control measure that you used. Now, do you really feel that you murdered 125 babies? That’s the argument that is being fed to the right wing base. Think about it. Do you really want that point of view to win out? Do you really want to live with the guilt? Finally, think about this: there’s no statute of limitations on murder and ignorance of the law is no excuse. Think about it again.

This is why the leadership of the right wing base doesn’t want Roe v. Wade overturned. This is how you know that the leadership doesn’t believe the crap about a fertilized egg being a human being. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case appealing a lower court ruling that found the Arizona ban on ‘partial birth’ abortions unconstitutional. ‘Partial birth abortion’ is a term used by the right wing to describe abortions after the twentieth week. It is the abortion that absolutely infuriates the right wing and the court won’t even take the case. If they did but didn’t overturn the lower court ruling, the cat would be out of the bag. The base would know that the leadership doesn’t believe that abortion is murder. Refusing to accept the case gives them some plausible deniability.

The right wing leadership has a good thing going with this particular Big Lie but there’s a problem. As I said, the Koch brothers unleashed a monster with the Tea Party. Most of the leaders of the Tea Party have no ability to understand complex issues. The Tea Party leaders are out firing up their base and more and more people are starting to believe that abortion is murder. More and more people are starting to believe that a fertilized egg is a human being with all the rights of a human being. If the percentage gets high enough, then the Tea Party will succeed in getting the personhood amendments through, by hook or by crook. You don’t want to live in that world. It’s pretty easy to stop them. Send a link to this blog to the people that you know. A percentage of Republicans will see the point. More importantly, Democrats will be more motivated to stop these people. Too many people just don’t vote. They need to understand where all this is heading. Send them a link and ask them to send it to the people that they know. I’ll keep you posted on the abortion issue.

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The Beginning of The War on Christmas

Rant3The so-called ‘war on Christmas’ is a really big deal amongst the right wing. Google “War on Christmas” and get 570 MILLION hits. That’s 570 million pages of discussion about the so-called ‘war on Christmas.’ Google just “the war on Christmas books” and get 1,200,000 hits. That’s pages of discussion about the books on the topic. I have researched this war and discovered the source. For the first time, you can find out exactly who started the war and when. But first, let’s take a closer look at the topic.

Sara Palin describes her book:

“The book is about protecting the heart of Christmas – it’s good tidings and great joy. It’s a fun, festive book – but it also offers some legalese on how to fight back and not allow the heart of Christmas to be taken out of America.”

That’s the concept in a nutshell. The evil liberals are trying to take the heart of Christmas out of America. This is what the right wing keeps saying over and over and over again. In truth, the war on Christmas isn’t the whole story. It’s just a piece of a larger battle. Media Matters, several years ago, looked into Bill O’Reilly’s book:

“About this time last year, the media was abuzz with talk of a purported war” on Christmas, a charge promoted by Fox News hosts Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, who blamed the supposed offensive on “secular progressives” who seek to drive religion from the public square. This October, O’Reilly resumed his fight against the “war” — the same month the book The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought (Sentinel, 2005), written by O’Reilly’s fellow Fox News host John Gibson, was published. The allegation of a secular conspiracy against the Christian holiday became a recurring theme on Fox News programs; for example, over the course of a five-day period at the end of November through early December, the network had devoted 58 segments to the topic.”

They identified the point perfectly: “secular progressives who seek to drive religion from the public square.” The so-called ‘war on Christmas’ is just the last gasp, back to the wall effort of the right wing to keep prayer in the public square. This is what it’s all about. The right wing has been fighting the battle to keep prayer in the public square and losing. Over and over, the Supreme Court has been siding with the ‘secular progressives.’ There was the judge who wanted the Ten Commandments in the lobby. The right wing lost that one. Then, there’s the whole issue of school prayer.

There were two cases that went to the Supreme Court in the early sixties, Engel v. Vitale and the Abington School District v. Schempp, both of which were about the legality of forcing students to recite or listen to prayers in school. In both case, the court said no. But the right wing refuses to let it go. The current approach is that they are promoting a constitutional amendment. In fact, the constitutional amendment came up for a vote in the House of Representatives back in 1998 and the vote was 224 to 203 in favor of a constitutional amendment to allow schools to require prayer in school but to be accepted as a constitutional amendment required 285 votes.

Then, there is public prayer in town meetings. Here’s Mike Gallagher talking about the latest case to go before the Supreme Court on Facebook:

“Alliance Defending Freedom will go before the U.S. Supreme Court tomorrow to defend and preserve public prayer in America. Show your support by signing the Statement of Support for Public Prayer, and help us get to 100,000 signatures.”

This is what the organization says about their case- Alliance for Defending Freedom: “Attempts to Dismantle Public Prayer Unravel the Fabric of our Society.” Public prayer is that important.  Without it, our society is doomed. And, they won their case.

This is the battle. It’s been going on for fifty years. The right wing has been promoting the right to public prayer. They win some battles and loose others. Where did it all start? Here is the very first quote coming out against public prayer:

“And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the Republicans are: for they love to pray standing in the schools, town meetings and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

There it is, an abundantly clear admonition against public prayer. I doubt that many of you are familiar with this particular quote, so let me skip ahead and give you another portion of the same passage, what to say when praying in private, a quote which I feel that all of you will recognize immediately:

“After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.”

The battle began with the words that came from the lips of Jesus Christ in the preamble to the Lord’s Prayer. (I substituted the word ‘Republican’ for hypocrite, just to be clear.) It isn’t the secular progressives who first argued that people should pray in private, it was Jesus Christ.

The leadership of the Republican right does this over and over. They convince their base to do the exact opposite of the teachings of Christ. Make no mistake, in every religion, people slip up, they fail to carry out some particular prohibition. This is different. This is the leadership of the religious right deliberately convincing their base to do the exact opposite of the teachings of Christ. Their base simply accepts whatever they are told. They don’t think for themselves, they just repeat the slogans they are given, even if what they are told is the exact opposite of what Jesus Christ has told them. The base doesn’t think but the leadership knows exactly what they are doing. They fill the minds of the base with lies to generate fear, hatred and anger. When they succeed, it makes the base exceedingly easy to manipulate. They do it to make it easy to strip money from the 95% and give it to their rich friends to put in offshore accounts.

Much of the right wing believes that the end of times is either here or, at least, very near. Here are a few websites out of the 390 million Google hits discussing the end of times:

Rapture Ready: The end of times are screaming at us.

Discover Revelations: More signs of Christ’s return exist today than at any time in history.

NowTheEndBegins: While we cannot name the exact date of the Lord’s Return its nearness may be known by the character of the Times.

Contender Ministries: “It is increasingly obvious that the time of our Lord’s coming is drawing near.”

The discussion is really endless. Personally, I don’t believe that there will be an antichrist, at least not any time soon. I’ve read Revelations and I have a real problem with the concept. One of the problems that I’ve had is believing that people would follow the antichrist. Now, I see the Christian right following people preaching the exact opposite of what Christ said. It isn’t simply about public prayer, far from it. It seems that the leadership of the Christian right preach the exact opposite of most, if not all of the things taught by Jesus Christ. They are truly evil people and the right wing follows them blindly. One might even think that the leadership of the Christian right, the neocon movement is the antichrist. This doesn’t seem plausible either. They seem to be exclusively interested in striping money and power out of the hands of the rest of us.

Perhaps you are not convinced. Perhaps showing you that the Christian right is thoroughly opposed to one of the things that was given by Jesus Christ doesn’t prove that they are opposed to  most of the things that were preached by Jesus Christ is not enough. I’ll be back with more. In the meantime, it appears that the right wing of the Republican Party in general and the Tea Party in particular would fall right in behind the Antichrist should he appear.

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Canceled Insurance Policies: Fake Scandals Part One

Rant2This won’t be a long piece nor is it complicated. It’s about the latest right wing talking point and how the Democrats ought to be responding. In case you’ve been in a coal mine for the last month, the media is saying: ‘President Obama lied when he said people that liked their health care plans could keep their health care plans.’ Depending on what news channel you turn to or what day you tune-in, the phrasing might be slightly different. Of course, what the president referred to was that nothing in the Affordable Health Care Act required people to change their health care plans. But that is not the right wing’s interpretation. They are saying he had given the country an absolute guarantee and he was lying.

A piece on Fox News was a recording of President Clinton saying “I never had sex with that woman,” and then the commentator claimed that President Obama’s comments were the same thing: a deliberate lie to deceive the American people. I saw Reince Priebus saying this issue was going to be the main focus of the Republican Party’s 2014 campaign. Reince also thought this issue was the reason  Governor Cuccinelli was able to close the gap between himself and his opponent Terry McAuliffe. Reince was confident this issue would give the Republican Party the victory in 2014.

I have the answer. We need to destroy this particular meme.  And it’s not too late. Here’s the strategy. First, the Democrats in the Senate need to take the lead. They should have the staff in their home districts begin to identify people who had hoped to keep their existing policies but whose insurance companies were cancelling the policies.

Next, they should sort those people by the companies cancelling the policies. Then, begin hearings bringing those insured’s before the Senate, starting with the company that has the largest number of people whose policies were canceled. My cursory inspection suggests it might be Aetna Insurance but wait to see where the most witnesses are. Let the insured complain loudly about how they were counting on keeping their policies but the policies were canceled. Sound very sympathetic. Let it go on for a few days. Next, subpoena the CEO’s of those companies and attack them brutally, much like the Republicans attacked Katherine Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services. One question they should definitely ask, over and over, is “What section of the Affordable Care Act required you to cancel these poor people’s insurance health plan?”

At the end, every Democratic Senator should stand up and make a speech explaining how they found the loophole in the Affordable Care Act, a loophole that needs to be closed. After they are finished, they should call for a vote on a bill to close that loophole. The bill should be fairly complicated and the Republicans shouldn’t be given a whole lot of time to read it. The number of the bill should relate to the Affordable Health Care Act. Democrats should always refer to it as an amendment to the AHCA. What the bill will say, in essence, is that any insurance company cancelling a health insurance policy will reinstate that policy or the CEO and senior staff will spend one year in jail.

Yes, yes, I know, this legislation is a horrible bill. What this bill will do is insure a large group of people will end up with truly horrible insurance policies, policies with extremely high deductibles and clauses letting the insurance company release them in the event of a severe illness. Still, it should be passed. No longer will the problem of canceled policies be the fault of President Obama. Problem solved.

Is this an appropriate use of the United States Senate? Guaranteeing that people will continue to have sub-par insurance? Well, the House voted 40 times to repeal the AHCA without a prayer of getting the bill passed through the Senate, let alone being signed by the President. This is what the Congress has become. It is the least productive congress in the history of the United States. In the House, what they spend their time doing is investigating scandals. Fake scandals. The goal of the Republicans in the House is to promote votes from their base, that is, it’s all about politics. Nothing is going to pass both houses until the Democrats take back the House. To take back the House, the Senate needs to take a lesson from the House, a lesson in using that august body for political ends. This would work, ending the ability of the Republican Party to make their number one case for election the fact that insurance companies have canceled insurance policies.

Finally, governors of the states not producing their own call centers as described in the AHCA should be subpoenaed to testify as to why. They won’t come to testify but that’s fine. The point is to blame them for the problems with the websites. The people building the websites never imagined so many states would opt out. The Senate needs to blame those governors for the failures. It will be helpful to compare the results in states like New York, California and Kentucky with the states opting out.

This is just the start of the Senate investigations into the fake scandals the Republicans are investigating.

Post Script: As I was preparing this post and putting it on line, I heard President Bill Clinton and Speaker of the House John Boehner have essentially, come out with the same proposal. The significance of their agreement is that such a bill has an excellent chance of passing congress. If it passes, it would be the first step in a plan I have been considering for many years now. It seems the Republican base has been determined to find ways to take money from the poor and middle class and to put that money in the pockets of the super rich: Redistribution of the country’s wealth Republican style.  This may be the first step. The people most likely to hang on to really bad insurance policies are precisely the Republican base. They won’t want to go to the government websites because they have been taught to hate “Obama Care.” Fine. This way, they can keep the policies producing extremely large profits for the insurance companies while

Democrats and independents will get much better policies. Perhaps we can use this as a model for other ways to get money from the Republican base and to give it to the super rich while leaving the rest of us out of the process. That will be a win-win all the way around.

It is even possible that some of the Republican base will realize the insurance policies they had before are an absolute disaster. It might take a major illness putting them into bankruptcy. Some might realize that, if they had had a better policy, it wouldn’t have happened. Next, they’d have to realize that if they went to one of the exchanges and got a better policy they wouldn’t necessarily have to tell anyone. They could keep it a secret and never have to admit that they had ‘signed up for Obama care.’ Who knows? Incredible things happen.

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The Affordable Care Act And Defaulting on the National Debt

rant7The purpose of this posting is to look at how the right wing fought against funding the government and tried to put the country in default. It looks at the endless right wing lies told about The Affordable Health Care Act, compares the lies to the truth, shows how the lies were integral to the development of the Tea Party, how the lies have resulted in intractable and irrational hatred for The Affordable Health Care Act which has caused the irresponsible behavior we have seen from them.

Once in a while, I tune in to FoxNews to hear what the other side is saying. I don’t have the stomach to listen very long but I try. One night I tuned in and heard that the State of California was anticipating that a large number of people who didn’t go to the doctor will start going when The Affordable Care Act goes into effect. Because of this, the State of California was considering a possible doctor shortage. They were therefore considering allowing nurse practitioners and physician assistants to practice independently. After the lead in, one of the commentators got excited and said “Oh, my god! People are going to die! They will be seeing unqualified people!” I sat there, staring at the TV. Did the people who watch FoxNews actually buy this? Didn’t it occur to their viewers that those people would be better off seeing a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant than nobody?

Prior to passage of The Affordable Care Act, a man may have a minor problem, be it a sore that isn’t healing, a lump that he didn’t have before, a cough, a pain or whatever. It bothers him but he has no insurance and doesn’t go to see a doctor. A lot of these people really do end up dying. They would be much better off seeing a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant.

Another night I tuned into FoxNews. They were saying that The Affordable Care Act was going to have such a devastating effect on the economy that we are going to lose the war on terror. There is no limit to the things they will accuse The Affordable Care Act of causing.  In this case, it doesn’t even make sense. What does ‘lose’ mean in this context? That the terrorists will take over the country?

There is an endless stream of lies coming from the right wing. I really mean endless. Google “the horrors of obamacare.” You’ll get a half million hits. Try a slightly more neutral “the problems with obamacare” you get 178 million. Or “what’s wrong with obamacare” you get 344 million hits. That’s million.

Here is a selection from the hundreds of millions of lies that the right wing is putting out:

BreitBart. You might recall that Breitbart was the man behind the fake videos about ACORN that resulted in the organization’s collapse. He was a hero of the Tea Party and addressed their conventions before his death. After his death, his blog continues. Here’s one of the thousands of things they had to say about The Affordable Care Act:

“Unfortunately for Americans who expect truth from their media, this means the media are having to manufacture a false reality that says ObamaCare is, to steal a phrase, “doing fine.”

“In order to manufacture this phony reality, the media must further sell their blackened souls by violating one of their most cherished principles: reporting on how government policy hits America’s weakest the hardest. It’s just a fact that the worst fallout of ObamaCare is already landing hard on the working class, who are losing work hours, jobs, and their insurance.”

As far as blackened souls go… well, I sincerely doubt anyone over at BreitBart has a soul. They all sold them long ago. Nevertheless, they are hardly the only ones to put out this particular lie:  The Affordable Care Act is resulting in employee hours being cut back to prevent the employer from having to supply health insurance. It’s a common the right wing criticism of The Affordable Care Act.

To see if employers are cutting back hours, let’s take a look at Walmart because it is the largest employer in America, with 5 times as many employees as the second largest employer. Also, it is an extremely right wing organization. Here’s a description of Wall-Mart politics from Making Change At Walmart:

            “Just as the total amount of money in politics increases with each passing presidential election cycle, Walmart and the Walton family have dramatically increased their spending compared with a decade or more ago. Through corporate political action committee spending, contributors by executives and family members associated with the company, direct spending by the corporation on state-level polics where permitted, and likely many more undisclosed channels, Walmart is a major player seeking to advance an extreme partisan agenda, typically in ways counter to average Americans’ interests.”

The Affordable Care Act presented them with an opportunity both to lower their expenses (or so they thought) and to help their right wing political friends. If anyone would take the opportunity, it would be them and, indeed, they did. It didn’t work out. Forbes took a look at it. The headline was “Wal-Mart Returning To Full-Time Workers-Obamacare Not Such A Job Killer After All?”

“For anyone who has not been following the Wal-Mart saga, sales have been sinking dramatically at the retailer as the company has turned to hiring mostly temporary workers (those who must reapply for a job every 180 days) to staff their stores while cutting full-time employees’ hours down to part-time status in order to avoid providing workers with healthcare benefits.”

The problem with part-timers is that they don’t work as hard as the full time staff and WalMart’s merchandise was not getting put out on the shelves. Here’s Forbes conclusion:

“While there are no shortage of Americans who enjoy deriding the Affordable Care Act as a ‘job killer’, what will soon emerge—and sooner than you may think—is an understanding that the losses experienced by businesses that cut worker hours will far exceed whatever is gained by avoiding giving employees the healthcare benefits their families so badly require. Don’t believe it? Just ask Wal-Mart.”

CEPR (Center for Economic and Policy Research) did an extensive survey to find out if employers have, in fact, been cutting back full time workers to part time. The title of the report- “Is the Affordable Care Act a Hidden Jobs Killer?” And here is their conclusion:

“An analysis of data from the Current Population Survey shows that only a small number (0.6 percent of the workforce) of workers report working just below the 30 hour cutoff in the range of 26-29 hours per week. Furthermore, the number of workers who fall in this category was actually lower in 2013 than in 2012, the year before the sanctions would have applied. This suggests that employers do not appear to be changing hours in large numbers in response to the sanctions in the ACA.”

The article goes on to point out that most workers questioned indicated that they worked part time at their own request. It’s just one more right wing lie, nothing more. Still, .6% of the workforce gives the right wing news services plenty of people to come forward and blame The Affordable Care Act.

Not that FoxNews even bothers to find someone working part time. Recently, they brought on a man who reported that his construction business is having to reduce worker’s hours so as not to have to buy their workers health insurance. He said that he couldn’t afford it. found the man who had been on the show and asked him how many employees he had working for him. The answer was 4. The Affordable Care Act doesn’t require employers who have fewer than 49 employees to provide health insurance. Salon caught FoxNews in two other pieces of misinformation on the same show.

Here’s one of the most common lies, the one concerning whether or not The Affordable Care Act would require people to change doctors. President Obama said that no one would be required to change doctors under Affordable Care Act. The right wingers repeatedly claim that this is a lie. They find some individual who had to change doctors. What President Obama failed to point out was that The Affordable Care Act did not prevent doctors from dying, retiring, moving, dropping patients, or deciding not to accept specific insurance carriers. They retain the right do as they wish and remain subject to the whims of the insurance companies. However, there is nothing in the Affordable Care Act that will require patients to change doctors which was what the President was explaining.

Here’s another from The Daily Caller:

“If you are among the hundreds of millions of Americans who already have health insurance through your job, or Medicare, or Medicaid, or the VA, nothing in this plan will require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctor you have,” Obama said.

“But as Obamacare’s rollout approaches, we have learned this is not true. Here are the ten states where consumers may like their health care plans, but they won’t be able to keep them.”

He goes on to list instances where insurance companies decided not to continue providing insurance in that particular state or region. President Obama never said that the law compelled insurance companies to remain in place in all the states where they sold insurance. Under the Affordable Care Act, the officers in charge of insurance companies retain their right to run their companies as they see fit. President Obama merely said that nothing in the Affordable Health Care Act required patients to change coverage. Sanjay Gupta, on CNN pointed out that the vast majority of people who will be looking for coverage through the Affordable Health Care Act will be people who do not currently have a doctor. As far as people who will not be enrolling in insurance through the Affordable Health Care Act, whatever happens to their insurance company has nothing to do with the Affordable Health Care Act. Except, perhaps, that insurance companies don’t like Affordable Care Act and some seem to be changing things around just so they can blame it on Affordable Care Act,

Another common lie told by the right wing is that this is socialism. Here’s what ABCNews had to say about it: “Why Calling Obamacare ‘Socialism’ Makes No Sense [Analysis]”

Even better, is the article in the New York Times which states:

“…the architecture of the Affordable Care Act is based on conservative, not liberal, ideas about individual responsibility and the power of market forces.”

“This fundamental ideological paradox, drowned out by partisan shouting since before the plan’s passage in 2010, explains why Obamacare has only lukewarm support from many liberals, who wanted a real, not imagined, “government takeover of health care.” It explains why Republicans have been unable since its passage to come up with anything better. And it explains why the law is nearly identical in design to the legislation Mr. Romney passed in Massachusetts while governor.”

One more lie that needs to be addressed is “Obamacare.” This particular lie is the suggestion somehow, under the Affordable Care Act, medical care in this country is going to be different. The only, the single, tiny grain of truth that the right wing has blown up to perpetuate this lie is pretty simple. There are a couple of sections in the law such as: (from the Senate website)

“Strengthening the Quality Infrastructure: The HHS Secretary will establish a national strategy to improve health care service delivery, patient outcomes, and population health. The President will convene an Interagency Working Group on Health Care Quality to collaborate on the development and dissemination of quality initiatives consistent with the national strategy.”

“Health Care Quality Improvements: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will create a new program to develop community health teams supporting medical homes to increase access to community-based, coordinated care. It supports a health delivery system research center to conduct research on health delivery system improvement and best practices that improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care delivery. And, it support medication management services by local health providers to help patients better manage chronic disease.”

“Modernizing Disease Prevention and Public Health Systems: A new interagency council is created to promote healthy policies and to establish a national prevention and health promotion strategy. A Prevention and Public Health Investment Fund is established to provide an expanded and sustained national investment in prevention and public health. The HHS Secretary will convene a national public/private partnership to conduct a national prevention and health promotion outreach and education campaign to raise awareness of activities to promote health and prevent disease across the lifespan.”

These items, designed to take some small steps to improve the quality of health care, the right wing blows up to be “a government takeover of health care.”

Here’s a tidbit from my personal experience. I was in a clothing store, looking for the owner who wasn’t in. Instead, I ended up talking with his mother. She told me that, since the passage of The Affordable Care Act, she “felt that she was living in a communist country.” That’s the extreme right wing position, that The Affordable Care Act is communist. This is pretty basic, but I’ll say it anyway. In a communist country, people don’t own stores, the state does. Being the mother of a store owner, she should have realized that her son, not the state, owned the store. Thinking things through isn’t a characteristic of the right wing. Rather, they think of ways to elaborate on the lies they are given.

Here’s a list of right wing lies about the Affordable Health Care Law from the Tampa Bay Times. An article in Fact Check goes through 26 of the lies. In another article, Fact Check goes through another bunch of right wing lies. The list really is endless and unrelenting. One of the most often spoken of is that the Affordable Health Care Law is 2,700 pages long. This lie comes from the fact that, when presented to congress, bills must be in large type and double spaced so that senators and congressmen can read it from their podiums while discussing it. Fact Check claims it is a little over a thousand pages. Check it out yourself at the Congressional Budget Office. There’s another copy prepared by the Office of the Legislative Counsel that strips out some of the section numbers and so forth that are necessary for legal citations. This copy is 955 pages long.

The question, after looking at the lies, is why? Why did the right wing invest so heavily in attacking The Affordable Health Care Act? The only obvious reason is that the right wing was trying to protect the profits of insurance companies. If you think about it, billionaires don’t need health insurance. Think about the owners of the Tea Party- the Koch brothers. They’re company is worth $100 billion dollars. An over the top, insanely expensive health care problem might approach $1 million in cost. That would use up one of their 100,000 million dollar bills or .001 percent of their net worth. This is trivial. No, the importance of insurance companies to the super rich is the profits that insurance companies bring in.

It makes sense and would explain why the right wing protests so insanely but, in fact, the Affordable Health Care Act is not driving down the profits of insurance companies. For example, this is what Forbes  had to say: “2012 – The Year in Healthcare Charts” Take a look at the graphs. See how health insurance premiums are going through the roof. The average American family of four is now paying over $20,000/year in health care costs. It broke the $20,000 level in 2012. $15,000 of it is for insurance. (The charts also compare the US to other countries. We’re not getting much bang for our bucks.)

Bloomberg: also talks about it: “Insurers Profit from Health Law They Fought Against.”

“The industry that was the loudest, most persistent critic of this law, the industry whose analysts and executives predicted it would suffer immensely because of the law, has thrived,” Gosselin said, Health insurers contributed $86.2 million to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to oppose the law after Obama administration officials criticized the plans for enriching themselves by raising customer premiums.”

ThinkProgress: “Health Insurance Companies Threaten To Increase Premiums Even As Profits Soar”

“Some of the nation’s largest health insurance companies are warning investors that they’ll raise insurance premiums by as much as 116 percent next year, as the coverage expansion provisions in the Affordable Care Act go into effect and millions of uninsured Americans begin purchasing coverage.”

So, it isn’t being done to protect insurance company’s profits. What is certain is that the right is putting out a truly endless list of lies and obfuscation. The question is, why? Clearly, the reason has nothing to do with The Affordable Care Act. It was their proposal; it fit all the Republican values and standards. They have no alternative approach to offer instead of The Affordable Care Act. Their objections are all lies. A lie isn’t a reason. A lie is made up. For someone to make up a lie, they have to have a reason to do so. Therefore, the reason for all these attacks can’t be found in The Affordable Health Care Act. To find out why, we’ll have to look elsewhere.

The first place to look is the current modus operandi of the Republican Party. To understand why they are lying about The Affordable Care Act, it is necessary to understand that they lie about lots of things and why they lie about those things all the time. This is what the Republican Party has devolved into: the party of lies. They don’t just lie about The Affordable Care Act. They lie about President Obama not being a US citizen. They lie about him being a Muslim. They lie about global warming. They lie about increasing background checks in purchasing guns. The lies are designed to fill the hearts of their followers with fear, hatred and anger. It’s all they have to offer their followers. An example that relates to The Affordable Care Act came up during Ted Cruz’s fake filibuster which was done supposedly to defeat The Affordable Care Act. He compared himself to Winston Churchill. To make the comparison work, you have to be able to see The Affordable Health Care Act as the Nazis. A law changing the way health insurance is marketed is just like the Nazis. What? It invades countries and engages in genocide? It doesn’t even make sense. Even John McCain stood up and protested this idiocy.

People who see this kind of behavior amongst the Tea Party members, particularly from people like Ted Cruz, often call the right wing Nazis as a way to understand them. That isn’t true either. There are a couple of huge differences, even in this. It seems clear that Hitler actually believed the things he told his followers. Another huge difference is that the Nazi’s had something to offer their followers. Hitler told them that Germany was going to conquer the world. The Republicans, in contrast have nothing positive to offer their followers, just lies There is, however, one powerful similarity: hatred is a central part of both. Looking at the comparison between the right wing and the Nazis helps us to understand why the right wing lies all the time about The Affordable Care Act. The lies have nothing to do with the act itself.

This is what needs to be understood about the Republican Party if one wants to understand why they lie constantly about The Affordable Care Act. Other than tell lies, they really do little else. Once in a while, you might hear one of them talk about jobs, jobs, jobs, but they have not put forth one single proposal to increase the number of jobs and have voted against every stimulus package that has come up for a vote. It’s just a lie and understanding the lie is the key to understanding why they lie about The Affordable Care Act. You’ll hear the Republicans talking about ‘putting money in the hands of job creators.’ Too often, the main stream media treats this as the ‘opinion’ of the Republican leadership. Here’s how you know that it is a lie. This is not the first time we have gone through this process, giving huge tax breaks to the top .1%. Reagan tried the same thing when he was in office. He may have believed that it would work. What happened was that he created the second worst depression since the Great Depression. His policies brought the unemployment rate up to 10.4 in 1983.  ThinkProgress has an excellent article about President Reagan. (One thing that most people fail to realize is that President Reagan raise taxes 11 times- CNN Money.)

The point of this is that the Republican congressmen went through all this. Many of them were there when Ronald Reagan’s redistribution of wealth to the rich caused the second worst recession since the Great Depression. They don’t actually believe that they are creating jobs, jobs, jobs, it’s just a lie they tell to justify stripping money out of the economy and giving it to men like Mitt Romney who put it in offshore accounts. They know damn well what they are doing. These lies lead us directly to the reason for all the lies about The Affordable Care Act. Let’s take a look at the “putting money in the hands of job creators” lie.

After Reagan left office, after his tax cut for the rich and trickle down economics, we had President Bush Sr., who mostly continued President Reagan’s policies. Under President Bush Sr., the re-distribution of wealth to the rich continued apace and unemployment was between 5.4% and 7.3%. Then Bill Clinton came into office.  By looking at what the Republican Party did to Bill Clinton, we will understand that they are doing something very similar to President Obama, using the same method for the same reason. They told lies about President Clinton, just like they are now telling lies about The Affordable Care Act. Bill Clinton ended “putting money in the hands of the job creators” although back then, they called it ‘trickle down economics.’

During the Clinton administration, 25 million jobs were created. Boom times. He was putting money squarely in the hands of the 95%. He was on the side of the 95% in every way. He eliminated the deficit and began paying down the national debt to protect social security. The right wing media attacked him viciously all the time. Relentlessly. Because of the lies, the right wing quickly came to hate him.  The attacks weren’t over the fact that he got the unemployment level down to the lowest point in thirty years, of course not, that wouldn’t have sold. Instead, they made things up. For example, the right wingers got a list of all the unexplained deaths in the state of Arkansas and developed a complicated theory of how Bill Clinton was to blame for each and every one of them. And many of those in the Republican base actually believed all this crap. Just like a majority of the Republican base believe the lies about The Affordable Care Act.

So, why the relentless attacks? Bill Clinton wasn’t on the side of the .01%. Therefore, he had to be stopped by whatever means came to hand, up to and including impeachment. Nothing worked and Bill Clinton remains one of the best liked presidents. Now we’re getting to the reason for all the lies about The Affordable Care Act. The problems that the Republican Party had with Bill Clinton were very similar to the problems they have with President Obama and the constant attacks on The Affordable Care Act were very similar to the attacks made on Bill Clinton.

An interlude came along with the election of President Bush, Bush brought back the tax cuts for the rich and, by the end of his administration; the country was losing jobs at the rate of 750,000 a month. It is difficult to believe that it wasn’t the intention of the neocons to do so. Al Gore ran on a platform that included paying down the deficit to protect the country’s ability to keep up with the large numbers of people who would ultimately be collecting social security. He called it “putting the money in a lock box.” The Republican Party, under President Bush, tripled the deficit to use it as a club to try to destroy social security and Medicare. The Republican Party plans, implemented under Ronald Reagan, were back on track and working fine.

Then, Barrack Obama got elected and the right wing saw immediately what they’d gotten. No way in hell was this man going to cooperate with their plans. No way in hell was this man going to help them transfer wealth from the 95% to the .1%. He was trouble. Big trouble. So, while he was being inaugurated, the Republicans in congress were meeting to discuss how to stop him. They needed to do to President Obama what they had done to President Clinton but they needed to do a better job. They needed a way to attack him. They needed to find something that would work.

The first thing that the new president wanted to work on was reforming health care. He went to the Republicans and told them that he just wanted to get this problem solved. In the spirit of bi-partisanship, he told them he would adopt their plan, the plan developed by the Heritage Foundation, the plan that Bob Dole ran for president on, the plan that Mitt Romney put in place in Massachusetts where it was working just fine. In short, The Affordable Care Act. The Republicans saw this as a golden opportunity. They pretended to agree but asked that they just be given to the end of the summer to discuss the plan with their base before the vote. And that’s when all the hate mongering began. That’s when all the right wing hate mongers on FoxNews and right wing radio began their endless lies. They were attacking The Affordable Care Act as a way to attack President Obama, to interfere with his intentions to improve the living standard of the 95%.  Once again, we began to see an endless stream of lies, just like we saw the endless stream of lies directed against Bill Clinton.

On some level, the right wingers know that they are being lied to. I was at a party where there was a contingent of Tea Partiers. I avoided them but one of them overheard me talking about getting a colonoscopy. She touched my arm and said “You know, that’s one of the first things that’s going to be eliminated under Obamacare.” Then she turned back towards the group and said “Isn’t it?”  The rest of her little group all murmured their agreement. They were doing what the people they listen to do- making up a lie on the spot to promote their agenda. The gross ignorance of the right wing base is a problem. All the lies they are given to fill their hearts with anger, fear and hatred make politics difficult.

Another obvious sign that the right wingers must know that they are being lied to is all the things that they were told were going to happen that haven’t happened. Like the claim of death panels that were going to decide who lived or who died. Or the claim that the government was going to send someone to your house to kill grandma. Am I the only one who noticed that this never happened? And then came the Koch Brothers. We will see how what the Koch Brothers did brought us to the situation we find ourselves today.

This blog is about The Affordable Care Act and defaulting on the national debt. It is totally bizarre that we found ourselves on this brink and we need to understand how we got here. The reason we found ourselves on the brink of total financial disaster is because of the terrorists in the congress- the 40 members of the Tea Party. We need to understand how this happened and the role that hatred of The Affordable Care Act played. Only then can we understand how to get out of it.

The Koch Brothers changed things. Wikipedia tells us that in 1984, they sent up a conservative group called Citizens for a Sound Economy whose self-described mission was “to fight for less government, lower taxes, and less regulation.” They obviously did this to increase their own income at the expense of the rest of us. The group produced more than 100 policy papers each year in its run, delivering them to many congressional offices, sending out thousands of pieces of mail, and getting coverage of its viewpoints in thousands of news articles around the United States. In 2004, that organization split into Freedom Works and Americans for Prosperity. When President Obama took office, they got active. While the Republican representatives were home during the summer of 2009 lying to their base about The Affordable Health Care Act, Freedom Works and Americans for Prosperity got people out. They put ads in the paper. They sent buses all around the country. They held rallies in conjunction with the Republican Party Congressmen at the town halls. This was the time that the Tea Party took off. Freedom Works prepared a dumbed down version of the Republican creed, one that could be understood by people stupid enough to join an organization designed to take their money and give it to the super rich. They made up posters for the demonstrators to carry around and handed out sheets so the demonstrators knew what to say. And then, Freedom Works left. This was the disaster. They left the Tea Partiers alone to talk about their new creed. Freedom Works created a monster. The groups they left behind practiced repeating to each other the lies they learned. This was groups of people living in their own world, a group dominated by hatred and anger. They went on to select their own candidates for office. The people they put in office were born in the hatred the right wing directed towards The Affordable Care Act. The Tea Party’s reason for existence was hatred of The Affordable Care Act. To see the problem the country faced in raising the debt ceiling, let’s take a quick look at the people that the Tea Party elected and some of the things they’ve said:

Allen West from ThinkProgress

“If Joseph Goebbels was around, he’d be very proud of the Democrat party, because they have an incredible propaganda machine.”

You can see the stupidity, confusing cause with effect. Certainly, the text books, reference books, manuals and encyclopedias all agree with the Democrats. This isn’t because of their propaganda machine. It’s because the Democrats tell the truth. Republicans like Allen West don’t even recognize the truth.

“I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.”

That shows the depth of hate in the Tea Party.

 “American women have been neutering American men and bringing us to the point of this incredible weakness — to let them know that we are not going to have our men become subservient. That’s what we need you to do. Because if you don’t, then the debt will continue to grow…deficits will continue to grow.”

AND the insanity. The deficit is caused by women making men subservient.

Ted Yoho, talking about defaulting on the national debt:

“I think, personally, it would bring stability to the world markets,” since they would be assured that the United States had moved decisively to curb its debt.

After you read that statement, is it any wonder that we ended up on the brink of disaster?

Michelle Bachmann, where to start? She’s made so many… Well, here are two that directly address her understanding of the upcoming default.

“All of the problems we’re facing with debt are manmade problems. We created them. It’s called fantasy economics. Fantasy economics only works in a fantasy world. It doesn’t work in reality.”

Yeah, economics dealing with man-made things are fantasy economics. Wow. Or this, given the fact that they are trying to blame the shut down on President Obama-

“We’re excited, we’re united!” after coming out of a meeting where they decided to shut down the government.

Marlin StutzmanRachel Maddow:

 “Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-Ind.) argues that House Republicans are “not going to be disrespected. We have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what that even is.”

They shut down the government to get something but they don’t know what.

Tom Coburn  HotAir:

 “The only time you shut down the government is when you shut it down and refuse to open it until you accomplish what you want. But we’ll fold like hotcakes,” Coburn told reporters. “You do not take a hostage you are not going to for sure shoot. And we will not for sure shoot this hostage.”

Could it be clearer that the shutdown was planned by the Republicans? He’s objecting because the rest of the Republicans won’t really shoot the hostage.

Louie Gohmert AtlanticWire:

 “I heard just before I came some senator from Arizona,” Gohmert said, a slight referring to McCain that brought out some audience laughter. “A guy that liked Qadaffi before he wanted to bomb him, a guy that liked Mubarak before he wanted him out, a guy that’s been to Syria and supported Al-Qaeda and rebels.” Finally, he gets to his main point. “But he was saying today ‘The shutdown has been a fool’s errand.’ And I agree with him. The President and Harry Reid should not have shut this government down,” he said to applause.”

Ted Cruz The self appointed leader of the Tea Party attacks. Clearly, he did everything in his power to force a default on the debt. Here’s what he said to CNN:

“The Texas (Ted Cruz) senator refused to speculate on whether there were enough votes in Congress to support his proposal of obliterating Earth, but he ended his interview on a personal note: ‘Candy, I don’t want my children and my children’s children to live in a world with Obamacare. And the best way to guarantee that is by destroying the world.’”

This could well be the definition of terrorism, although, frankly, even most terrorists wouldn’t go quite that far. This is the man who lead the fight to shut down the government and to default on our debt payments. He would destroy the world because of some imagined horror lurking in the complexities of the Affordable Care Act. Not simply America, but the world, including England, Canada, Australia. The whole world. These people are not rational, not working to better the country, not knowledgeable of how the world works and they are directing the actions of the House of Representatives. They must be stopped.

There’s even worse information out there about this man. His father is a dominionist. Political Research Associates describes them as follows:

“Dominionists celebrate Christian nationalism, in that they believe the United States once was, and should again be, a Christian nation. In this way, they deny the Enlightenment roots of American democracy.”

“Dominionists promote religious supremacy, insofar as they generally do not respect the equality of other religions, or even other versions of Christianity.”

“Dominionists endorse theocratic visions, believing that the Ten Commandments, or “biblical law,” should be the foundation of American law, and that the U.S. Constitution should be seen as a vehicle for implementing Biblical principles.”

Further, Dominionists have met with military leaders to discuss the overthrow of the US government. And, at the Values Voters Conference, they all blessed Ted Cruz who is the standard barer of the Tea Party.

Those were the people that got elected as a direct result of the endless lies being told about The Affordable Care Act. And those are the people that put us on the brink of defaulting on the national debt.

What we have seen is not so clear to the people involved in trying to negotiatewith these terrorists. Most people don’t spend their time consumed with hatred and anger. Most people are open, caring and respectful. Most people have a basic understanding of how the world works. What other people don’t understand is that these people are consumed with hatred and hatred is not rational. People filled with hate don’t negotiate in good faith. They can’t be bargained with. These people have a belief system given to them that they treat as catechism. All their decisions are based on it. THIS is what the Koch Brothers gave us. Whole districts filled with lies, consumed with hatred and anger, voting for representatives who have no clear understanding of how the real world operates, without any knowledge of how the government works, without the slightest desire to roll up their sleeves and work with the rest of the Congress, let alone the Senate or the President. And they were in control. This is what is behind the right wing hatred of The Affordable Care Act. We now have a band of terrorists that have taken over the House of Representatives, a band of terrorists created by the Koch Brothers. The latest? The Koch Brothers have abandoned the monster they created. The Guardian reports that the Koch Brothers have circulated a letter claiming that they are against the government shutdown and certainly against defaulting on the debt. This will have no effect upon the terrorists that were created by the Koch Brothers and have taken control of the congress. It’s just a small part of the abysmal ignorance of that group, but they have no understanding that they were actually created by the Koch Brothers. Like Frankenstein, they have turned against their creator.

Another clear indication of the stupidity of the Tea Party is what they are doing. They say they want to default because they are afraid that the national debt will, someday, become so large that the country won’t be able to pay it. Great. What they don’t seem to understand is that we don’t pay down the national debt. We only make interest payments. If we default, the interest rates will go up, way up. Consequently, the someday that they are afraid of will be right now- caused by them.

What the Democratic Party needs to do, right now, is to begin working on getting these people out of Congress. The reason is simple, if the Tea Party has its way, they will default on the national debt. They failed once but they haven’t given up. The problems will go on and on. There is no way that the Tea Party members in congress will assist in solving problems.

The right wing goes on and on with lies about what The Affordable Care Act is going to cost. Let me tell you, in dollars, what not having The Affordable Care Act cost America. Here’s a story from CNN back in June, 2009 called “Medical bills prompt more than 60 percent of U.S. bankruptcies.”

“Bankruptcies due to medical bills increased by nearly 50 percent in a six-year period, from 46 percent in 2001 to 62 percent in 2007, and most of those who filed for bankruptcy were middle-class, well-educated homeowners, according to a report that will be published in the August issue of The American Journal of Medicine.”

Remember the collapse of the housing market, and the bank bailout? It cost America $5 trillion dollars and was caused by a lack of adequate insurance.  Not exclusively. There was another problem, a bill put through by the Bush Administration.

The HuffingtonPost ran a story entitled “New York Fed Economists Say Bush-Era Bankruptcy Law Fueled Over 200,000 Foreclosures”

“Economists at the New York Federal Reserve have concluded that a controversial 2005 law backed by banks and credit card companies pushed more than 200,000 people into foreclosure and exacerbated the subprime mortgage crisis.”

“Consumer advocates fought hard against the law, which made it much more difficult for individuals to alleviate credit card debt in bankruptcy. This inability of homeowners to eliminate other debts, the New York Fed economists conclude, in turn made borrowers unable to pay off their mortgages, spurring foreclosures.”

The story on law suits that got all the attention back then was that the Bush administration was passing a law to make it more difficult to file lawsuits. It was the darling of the Republican base but the law only applied to people filing lawsuits against corporations. Another law, the one that made it easier for corporations to sue individuals, got no attention.

All that is just money, an extremely large amount of money to be sure, but just money. There’s another problem associated with lack of health insurance. Here’s what the HarvardGazette had to say:

“Nearly 45,000 annual deaths are associated with lack of health insurance, according to a new study published online today by the American Journal of Public Health. That figure is about two and a half times higher than an estimate from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 2002.”

That’s a whole lot more than the number of people who died in all our wars and all the terrorist attacks against Americans in the past 15 years. And that’s just one year. The Tea Party terrorists in Congress said they would settle for elimination of the 2.7% tax on medical appliances. Compare that to a loss of $5 trillion and 45,000 deaths a year. A 2.7% tax just doesn’t look like that big a deal.

I saw a re-broadcast of Rush Limbaugh talking about stopping The Affordable Care Act. He said it was a matter of life and death. He was right but in the exact opposite way from what he said.

Enough about the right wing lies about the Affordable Health Care Act. Let’s look at some websites that discuss the facts regarding the Affordable Health Care Act. My neighbor thinks that the Kaiser Permanente gives the best analysis.  ObamaCareFacts give a good summary and lots of useful information.

In conclusion, don’t count the Tea Party out. They may very well default on the national debt the February 7th, plunging the country into chaos. Now that we know what they are and how they came into being, we need to do something. In the election in which Ted Cruz was elected the Senator from Texas, the total voter turnout was only 7 million. There are 7 million registered Democrats in Texas. People around the country need to understand that not voting is going to cost them. The rest of us have to be sure to let them know. There are those that think that the Democrats are no better than the Republicans, that they’re both the same. That both groups take money from the super rich as a result of what the Supreme Court did. Be assured, the Tea Party Republicans are something altogether new. Even the super rich no longer support the Tea Party. The super rich see them as dangerous which is exactly what they are. They need to go. Their impact goes far beyond their size because any Republican that doesn’t support their agenda will be primaried. The Tea Party only cares about how well candidates mouth the Tea Party catechesis. The rest of us have to focus on getting them out of office. This means getting people to vote who don’t normally vote. Talk to them. Our country needs them.

Well, I’m not lonely interested in politics. If you’d like to see some of my art work, check out Celtic Art or that of my friend, the author Doug Page.

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